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          Yancheng Dayang Chemical Co., Ltd.

          Mainly produce and operate

          Chemical intermediates and pesticide products



          Chemical intermediates

          Pesticide products



          Bentasone 95%

          Product Name Bentasone 95%
          Molecular weight 240.3
          Molecular formula C10H12N2O3S
          CAS No. 25057-89-0
          Structural formula
          Appearance Pure product is colorless crystalline powder
          Melting point 138℃
          Solubility (20℃) <1g/100g in xylene, 18g/100g in cyclohexanone
          Use Contact herbicide. Prevents and eliminates winter and spring cereal crops: Chamomile, Matricaria, Pearl chrysanthemum, Sorrel, European rice rubbish and chickweed. This product can also be used for weeding in soybean, corn, peas, and rice fields, such as Abutilon, shepherd's purse, iron water chestnut, thornless datura, sunflower, polygonum, purslane, ragweed, cocklebur, Diffuse grass, heteromorphic sedge, melon fur, tri-sided grass and firefly, etc.
          Package 25KG/DRUM
          FORMULATION 56%SL 48%SL

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