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          Yancheng Dayang Chemical Co., Ltd.

          Mainly produce and operate

          Chemical intermediates and pesticide products



          Chemical intermediates

          Pesticide products



          Quinclorac 85% 97%

          Product Name Quinclorac 85% 97%
          Molecular formula C10H5C12N02
          Molecular weight 242.1Da
          CAS No. 84087-01-4
          Structural formula
          Chemical nature The pure product is white crystals. m.p.274℃, relative density 1.75, vapor pressure 0.01×10-3Pa (20℃), pKa4.34 (20℃). Slightly soluble in acetone, ether, ethanol, ethyl acetate, etc., solubility 1~2g/kg; hardly soluble in toluene, n-octanol, methylene chloride, n-hexane, acetonitrile; insoluble in water. The distribution coefficient is 0.07 (pH=7). It is stable and non-corrosive under light, heat and weak acid and weak alkali conditions.
          Scope of application Mainly used for preventing barnyardgrass in rice fields. It can also prevent Yujiuhua, Sesbania, Cress, Ammonium diffusa, and Saponaria saponaria.
          Package 25KG/DRUM
          FORMULATION 25%, 50%, 75% WP. 50% soluble powder, 50% WDG, 25%, 30% SC, 25% effervescent granules.

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