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          Yancheng Dayang Chemical Co., Ltd.

          Mainly produce and operate

          Chemical intermediates and pesticide products



          Chemical intermediates

          Pesticide products



          Oxyfluorfen 95%

          Product Name Oxyfluorfen 95%
          CAS No. 4874-03-3
          Molecular formula C15H11CIF3NO4
          Molecular weight 361.7
          Structural formula
          Physical and chemical properties The pure product is a white crystalline solid, the original medicine is brown. m.p.84~85℃, b.p.250~300℃, flash point 93.35℃, vapor pressure 0.267×10-3Pa (25℃), relative density 1.04~1.06 (25℃). It is easily soluble in organic solvents such as acetone, ethanol, xylene, dichloroethylene, and the solubility in water is <0.1mg/L (25℃). Unstable when exposed to light.
          Use It is a fluorine-containing phenyl ether herbicide with wide application range, wide herbicidal spectrum, long lasting period, small dosage per mu, and high activity. It can be compounded with a variety of herbicides to expand the herbicidal spectrum and improve efficacy. It is easy to use, can be processed before and after germination, and has low toxicity.
          Package 25kg/woven bag
          FORMULATION 24% EC

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